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We arrange the system fulfilled with analytical instruments for your request in relief amid growing attention for controlling environmental load substance including RoHS regulation.


Analytical Instruments



1.Analytical Instruments for Plating Film

Digital MicroscopePlating surface observation
Foreign material observation
Size gauging
Scanning Electron MicroscopeParticle/ Sample surface observation
Energy Dispersive x-ray SpectroscopyQualitative / Quantitative assay
Cross Section PolisherObservation of the intermetallic
Inner structure observation
Microscopic X-ray Fluorescence Analysis EquipmentThickness measurement of plating film
Compositional assay of plating film
Melting-point EquipmentDetermination of the melting point
Observation of the melting condition
Electrical Contact Resistance TestorContact resistance measurement
Digital Force GaugeBond test
Solder CheckerZero cross time measurement
Solder wettability measurement
Vickers Hardness ScaleHardness measurement of plating film
Surface Roughness MeterPlating surface roughness measurement
Scratch depth measurement
SEM Compound Layer Investigation of Sn Plating on Ni plating
Digital Microscope Partial Au Plating Connector Observation
Digital Microscope
Solder Checker Graph and Measurement Principle
Solder Checker Solder Checker

2.Environmental Test Equipment for Plating Film

PCT equipmentPCT test
Temperature & humidity ChamberHumidity cabinet test
Salt Spray Test equipmentSalt spray test

3.Plating Solution Analyzing Device

ICP Optical Emission SpectrometerMinor component analysis in plating solution
Ingredient analysis of plating film
UV Visible SpectrophotometerAdditive density measurement in plating solution
Wastewater treatment analysis
Automatic Potentiometric TitratorComponent measurement in plating solution

ICP Analyzable Elements and Spectrum
Microscopic X-ray Fluorescence Analysis Equipment
Plating Film Thickness Distributional Survey
Microscopic X-ray Fluorescence Analysis Equipment Microscopic X-ray Fluorescence Analysis Equipment
SEM+EDS+CP Side View Observation of Alminum Electrolysis Capacitor