Process Support Engineering

Process Support

We offer you Engineering which Support every Process of your product from designing and development to trial and mass producing.


In order to assure the quality of parts, we need the technical development ability and the know-hows which are thoroughly supported with lots of experiences as the quality is needed to be kept the condition when the parts were attached in products.
We support totally in all phases of the process such as planning, introduction, and making use of equipment, personnel trainning and technology etc. to create "System to assure Quality" which exploits fully the many years of know-hows.

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Consulting Menue as a Process Support Engineer


Support for Parts Design

It is important assignment for planner to create plating specifications when they design parts. If they don’t design them properly, they effect not only to vary the character of parts but they cause the trouble in assembling process, and in the end they affect to the reliability of final production which plating parts are furnished.
So you can receive consultation to avoid thus problem from the start of parts planning.

Support for Parts Design

Trial and Evaluate Manufactures in Parts Processing

It is necessary for planned parts to be evaluated by the trial manufactures to achieve the expected results. We design the process in which we can guarantee the required plating feature, and produce the apparatus that corresponds to the demands at our factory.
As a evaluation of plating, we will propose the most rational flow which includes the inspection of constructed process, analysis of the characteristic data and products management which supposes mass production.

Trial and Evaluate Manufactures in Parts Processing

Mass production system

Although the plating process is an automated consistent line includes from pretreatment to drying, broad knowledge and sophisticated skills are necessary to manage the incorporated function as a system.
We are developing high standard and highly reliable system, and putting emphasis on bringing up the human resources who can manage them spontaneously.
Thus, our total system provides you technical support when you enter overseas markets.