Management concept

"Reliable Technology and Sincerity"


Management philosophy

  • Contribute to create and develop the fertile society along with our technology.
  • Supply our customers the greatest contentment and assurance with the priority in quality.
  • Perform sincerely and carry out reliable business activity.
  • Intend the coexistence with the local community through ecological preservation.
  • Respect mutually and achieve self-realization through understanding and cooperation.

We have been contributed to the electronic world through accumulated technology and passion to the “technological manufacturing” to correspond to the rapid computerized world and improvement of the reliability of the semiconductor and electronic parts which broadened in various fields.
Amid mounting concerns over global environment and eco, we will continue to offer you valuable technology, relief and safety caring “our customers’ comments” and keep our motto “confidential technology and sincerity” we set up from the establishment to ourselves.