Quality & Ecology


Nishihara Rikoh Corp. will provide best content and assurance for customers with our management system which has been structured by our long years' cultivated techniques and knowhow with the motto "quality first" "environmental quality improvement".

Quality policy

"Build Quality in Process"

♦Each customer + Proposal
♦Production+ Innovation
♦System+ Renovation

“Quality” is formed in every process and built up by each one who is involved.
We struggle everyday to making “our plating technology” to “inspire” for our customer by constructing proposal for each customer, innovative production system, functional and simple system with the motto “Each customer + Proposal”, “Production + Innovation”, “System + Renovation”

Environmental Policy


Fundamental Idea

We recognize that the preservation of our global ecology as one of the most important assignment and forward the improvement of "Quality in Environment" to intend the coexistence in local community through manufacturing of semiconductor and electronic parts and related business activity.

Fundamental policy

  1. We are commited to preventing the contamination and reduce the load for environment by constructing environmental management system based on articles claimed in ISO14001 and evaluating the environmental influence of our business activity.
  2. We strive to grapple with environmental preservation activity establishing our own standard along with the necessity observing regulations of law related to environment which are applied to our company or other required articles which we agreed on.
  3. In order to operate the environmental management system, we will implement the instruction to improve the consciousness toward the environment along with the intention of thorouly well-known "envioronmental policy" and necessary information for our employee. And moreover, we disclose our "environmental policy" to the general public.
  4. We forward the continuous improvement for environment by every employee which based on this "environmental policy" and with the way of establishing environmental purpose and target within the ability of our techniques and financies. The purpose and the goal for environment will be reviewed regularly.

Prior Measure

  1. We apply ourselves to protect the pollution and reduce the amount of chemical materials that are used in manufacturing process by appropriate managing.
  2. We make an effort to reduce the amount of industrial wastes exhaustion improving manufacturing techniques.
  3. We drive forward to conserve the energy in order to prevent global warming and waste of resources improving and efficientizing of the facility and manufacturing equipment.
  4. We drive forward to provide the products which are environmentally considerated.
  5. We drive forward the Green-purchasing, and make an effort to utilize the environmentally beneficial purchase.