Protection of privacy policy

Nishihara Rikoh Corp. (hereinafter referred to as our Company) recognizes that it is our social responsibility that all personal information managed and used in its business activities must be handled and protected properly with the utmost care. Therefore, our Company enact the “policies for protection of privacy information” to achieve the responsibility by dealing and managing the privacy information properly by every employee based on this policy and will strive to protect and improve the possibility of problem occurrence.
1. We collect and deal the privacy information which suits to our business content and scale.
Our Company establishes the use purpose accurately and collect the personal information only by legal and justice way. And moreover, the personal information which we collected is not used in any other use purpose except the case in which we got consent of him /herself (a person who offers the personal information) or his/her representative beforehand or in case being restricted by law.
2. We observe the legal and standard regarding personal information.
Our Company observes the legal, guideline and other standard to protect personal information regarding handling of personal information.And furthermore, we try to review and improve the content of this privacy protection policy continuously.
3. We implement the secure measures regarding personal information.
In order to plan the maintaining of accuracy and security of personal information, our Company makes an effort to protect from the injustice access to personal information and correct the destruction, falsify, recitation, injury or lost of it along with the construction of management system.
4. We correspond to your complaint or consultation as soon as possible in regard to personal information.
We achieve the appropriate correspondence as soon as possible along with the acceptance of complaint or consultation when inconvenience is inccurred to him/herself in regard to personal information which we collected and utilized.