New Plating Technology

Functional Addition to Aluminum

Production for Aluminum became able to plate.
Corresponding Material

Thickness : 0.05-1.8mm
Width : 20-500mm
Quality of Material: A1000, A5000 series

Corresponding Plating Spec

Base Plating: Nickel Plating
Finish Plating: Tin Plating, Copper Plating, Nickel Plating

Effect of Aluminum + Plating

Weight saving, Corrosion resistance, Cost-cutting

Use Case
  • Prevention of Electric Spectacular
  • Solderability
  • Contact Parts
  • Strengthened Adherence

Functional Addition to Aluminum


Plating to Resin

Production for Resin became able to plate.
Corresponding Material

Thickness : 0.015-0.05mm
Width : 20-300mm
Quality of Material : Polyimide etc

Effect for resin + plating
  • Weight Saving, Conductive Property, Shielding Property Grant of Metallic Character,
  • Cost Reduction…Reduction of running cost through electricitised plating.

Plating to Resin


High Precision Partial Plating


Fle-sion is the word which integrated by Flexible and Precision and the highly-precised partial plating method originated by us. According to the shift to weight-saving, thinness, small and narrow products in Connector Industory entails us the high precised complex terminal shape.

Fle-sion aims to correspond to such requirements for development.
It is flexible for cubic products as they need no exclusive jig and has a lot of flexibility for area.
No need of jig makes us short term delivery.

Corresponding to Flat MaterialCorresponding to
Flat Material



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